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Disney Mountain Rides
Due to problems with hackers, Disney Mountain Rides (including the CMI forum) has been shut down.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This is the official site for the annual MouseFest Disney fan conventions. Every December, Disney fans from all around the globe visit WDW for this massive mouse meet! Visit the site to learn more about the MouseFest events, dates, and how to register.

"Horizons 1 is now departing". Does anyone remember that line? If you do, your probably a fan of this extinct Epcot attraction (like me). This site will take you back to the past for a look at the future. The site features awesome media files, like high-quality video ridethroughs, and audio files like music and sound clips. It's got everything fun fact you need to know about the Carrousel of Progress' sequel, as well as links, scripts, and pictures. Yesterday's "Tomorrow's horizons are here, today!"

Unaffiliated Links
Sit back and listen to the Sound of Magic. Current and retired Disney Park music at its best. Listen to your favorite nostalgic Disney songs that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. Download rare source audio clips from your favorite Disney attractions. Dozens of soundtracks from all four WDW parks, as well as from Disneyland in California and Paris.

This is the coolest site for Disney Desktop Downloads. They have all kinds of awesome original wallpapers, hundreds of icons, mouse pointers, and alot more desktop theme stuff. They also have downloadable paper models of your favorite Disney attractions, and more. Download your Disney Experience today!