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Around the World in 80 days
  +  Jackie Chan shows off his martial-art skills in this awesome action-comedy. Based on the classic novel, this remake takes the story to new heights with an all-star cast, and several cameos too! Something for everyone, including adventure, comedy, romance, and more!
   -  The film contains some crude humor and comedic action-violence.

PG          Movie = 8.5/10          DVD Features = 6.5/10

Bambi 2
  +  Bravo. A beautifully told "coming of age" story of father and son. This is one of the few sequels that outdoes the original. The visual and musical art in the film is spectacular. Patrick Stewart puts real heart and believability into his role as Bambi's father. This is a fantastic movie to watch with the little kids.
   -  The script and story are targeted at kids 10 and under, so don't expect it to be too clever as far as plot goes, but it maintains a drama that is fitting even for adults and children alike.

G          Movie = 9/10          DVD Features= 7/10

Bridge to Terabithia
  +  The best Disney drama in years, Bridge to Terabithia is a secret waiting for your family to discover. The film's misleading trailers promote the film as a fantasy-adventure fairytale (i.e. Narnia / Labyrinth). This is not the case. The film is a family drama about imagination, compassion, and true friendship. A must for the enire family, this is one you can watch with the kids and be just as entertained and moved as them.
   -  This film is truly family safe. However, the movie does have a couple of those "What happened to Bambi's Mom?" moments.

G          Movie = 9/10

  +  The team at Pixar create yet another amazing animated feature film. This movie defiantly lives up to the high standards that Toy Story fans have come to expect from Pixar features. The all star cast, original script and story, along with fantastic video and sound, put Cars across the finish line in 1st place.
   -  The movie has a basically predictable plot, but still maintains originality and emotion.

G          Movie = 10/10

Chicken Little
  +  This was a fun family flick that brings back the slapstick cartoon style that Walt Disney would be proud of. The movie updates the classic nursery story of Chicken Little with a hilarious pop cultural twist.
   -  Intended for younger audiences, most of the jokes and storylines are easy to get and simple (for kids). A family film, but not too much fun for adults, However jokes have been placed in the movie that only adults will detect, keeping the fun rolling for the whole family.

G          Movie = 9/10         DVD Features = 6/10

Eight Below
  +  This amazing drama is about eight sled dogs left behind at an Antarctic research base during a storm evacuation. It depicts their struggle to survive the frozen desert wilderness, as well as the devotion of the man who ventured to rescue them.
   -  I found 2 hours a bit too lengthy for such a simple story. This is also at least the third sled dog movie Disney has made in the last 15 years including "Iron Will", and "Snow Dogs", but since all three are have a slightly different tone, they're not too much alike.

PG          Movie = 8.5/10          DVD Features = 7/10

  +  One of the most fun true Disney Films released in decades. Enchanted takes fairytale characters from a would-be Disney Animated movie, and places them in the real world. This isn't Roger Rabbit or Pete's Dragon, but a wholly different hilarious comedy that pokes fun at Disney itself.
   -  Kids under 7 may not get all the jokes, and may be frightened by some scenes.

PG          Movie = 10/10

Finding Nemo the Musical
  +  The popular Pixar film, Finding Nemo, goes Broadway in this fantastic stage show. Combining new hit music with innovative puppetry, this one will drop every jaw in the audience, young and old. It's the best thing to hit the Theater in the Wild (or any Disney theater) yet, and with Expedition Everest next door, it makes Animal Kingdom a worth-while destination!
   -  Some scenes had to be cut from the original movie script to fit the show's time length, but it's still quite a show-stopper.

Show = 10/10

The Greatest Game Ever Played
  +  Shia LaBeouf (Holes, Even Stevens) portrays young Francis Ouimet, a golfer who emerges from humble caddy, to become an amateur champion. With  a heart-warming and powerfully dramatic performance, and original special effects, It's not your usual sports movie.
   -  The film is rated PG for some fantasy-action-violence. Families should be cautious in deciding if this movie is right for viewers younger than 7 years old.

PG          Movie = 9/10          DVD Features = 7/10
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