Download the MP3 file and listen to the music Quiz. Identify as many of the 10 song samples as you can. Try to specify the name of each song and the names of the Disney Movies the songs are from (More specific is better than less).  Email your entries along with your request(s) for a Disney Park song to CMI at:

Joey the TikiBird will judge the winner base on how many songs are correctly identified. A tied score will be judged by how specifically correct the answers are (or randomly selected from the tied entries are too close). The winner's requested Disney Park song will be played on the next episode of CMI.
(Please submit more than one song request, as your first choice may not be available. If I am unable to produce the music you request, I'll try to play the closest thing available. Remember to choose music from the Disney Parks only and no Holiday-related songs.)

Limit of 1 entry per person. All entries must be submitted before 12:01am (Central Time) on April 12, 2007.
Send your entries to me at

Winner will be allowed 1 request Disney Park song to be played in
"Figment's Sound Lab", here on CMI!
(some restrictions apply)
How to Enter:
Winner(s) of the previous contest not eligible to win prize(s), write to the address below if you have questions concerning this. Limit of 1 (one) entry per person, per email address. Only one entry will be announced as 1st place winner and receive the prize(s) mentioned in the show. Any and all material/nonmaterial submissions become the property of Mikey Silva.  I (Mikey Silva) am not responsible for lost/damage to the prize during shipping or otherwise. Neither am I responsible for your satisfaction, and hold no guarantee for the prize. I reserve the right to cancel the contest when and for whatever reason I choose. I reserve the right to deny the winner(s) or loser(s) of this contest any and all rights to claim the prize, and may cancel the delivery of the prize at any time if I so choose for any reason. All material emailed to the address above will not be returned under any circumstances, and I take no responsibility for lost or damaged files. I also reserve the right to disqualify any and all entries. All entries must be submitted before 12:01am (Central) by the date shown above to qualify. I reserve the right to change any and all rules at any time for whatever reason. I may not be able to send "prizes" (or the like) for financial reasons or otherwise, therefore, some "winners" (or otherwise) may not be able to receive their "prize(s)". Inappropriate entries will be disqualified at my digression.   By entering the contest, you are agreeing to all the legal agreements/disclaimers on this page, and absolving me (Mikey Silva), from any liability. If you have any coments, concerns, questions, or need any information at all, please write to me at
Thank You
Official Contest Rules/Legal agreements/Disclaimer(s):
Win a request Disney Song for Figment's Sound Lab!


Click here to Download the MP3 file and listen to the music quiz.
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