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Episode #0002
Expedition Everest Video
Episode #0003
Updated July 12th, 2008          Welcome to CMI, the Cast Member Informer,   I'm your host, Mikey Silva.   My radio show will take you behind the scenes, through the history, and into the dreams of Disney, all while throwing in a dash of music, humor, and pure fun...          The iTunes Music Store is having problems with the CMI RSS feed, but feel free to download episodes of CMIradio here while we make adjustments.    You can download the show directly by clicking the links below on the upper-left menu.          Visit the "Downloads" page for our new "Horizons" Blueprint and other fun CMI promos          Feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to Joey, Pedro, or Myself at castmemberinformer@yahoo.com   I answer all non-spam e-mail          The CMI Image Works photoblog has been updated since episode 11's release          CMI's official comic strip "Momentary Disneyness" hasn't been updated since episode 9, but you can view the comic archive by clicking the link below.          Check out the Latest episode of the Show!          Episode 11 continues season 2 with new music, an interview with a special Disney Collector, and a guest host Mark Silva.   Be sure not to forget the Bonus video, Spaceship Earth Re -Imagined.         Watch more exclusive bonus videos on CMI's YouTube channel.   Currently Featured: "Body Wars"          Coming Soon: In episode 12, Joey brings back the Laughin' Place with some special guest interviews.    We play your pick for Stitch's Jukebox, and reveal the winner of the Golden Mouse Ears contest.   Don't miss episode 12, coming soon to CMI.          Thanks to all you fans of CMI who have been sending fan mail, and for your support.
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Star Wars Weekends
Episode #0005
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Episode #0006
Jack Sparrow's Tutorial
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Episode #0007
The Seas with Nemo Video
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Episode #0008
Pirates Ridethrough Video
Episode #0009
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Cyber Groove Live Video
Episode #0010
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Episode #0011
Featured exclusive video: Body Wars
Think you know your Disney Animated Feature music?
Put your ears to the test in this sonic quiz contest and you could win a song request for Figment's Sound Lab.
Spaceship Earth
Inside Look at CMI video